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M&S Systems XDM4600KIT Digital Music System

M&S Systems XDM4600KIT Digital Music System

Price: $2,545.95
Retail: $2,999.95
You Save: $454.00
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Detailed Description

M&S Systems XDM4600KIT Digital Music System Kit

The Model XDM4600KIT Music Distribution System Kit is an expandable, integrated digital audio system that switches six audio sources to four speaker zones. Each speaker zone can play any of the six audio sources. The system has built-in keypad-to-keypad intercom functions that also allows communication with visitors at the front door through a door speaker. Each speaker zone keypad has backlit keys that select the audio source and can control all functions of the system. The keypads mount in standard double-gang J-boxes.

The four speaker zone keypads, the door speaker, and six audio sources all connect to a single XDM46CC central controller. The central controller has six analog line-level audio inputs for connecting music sources to the system. The central controller converts the analog audio to digital audio for distribution to the speaker zone keypads. An infrared repeater system built into the controller monitors the infrared receivers at each keypad and repeats the infrared remote control signals to the audio source components through infrared emitters.

Each speaker zone keypad contains a Class D digital amplifier with 60 watts maximum output power (30 watts per channel). The speaker zone keypads connect to the central controller with standard Cat-5 cable for the digital audio and control signals. Low-voltage power for each keypad is provided by the 120 VAC powered central controller through 16 gauge 2-conductor wire. Each keypad connects to a pair of 8-ohm speakers.

A Model XDMWP Music Distribution System Audio Input Wall plate can be connected to a XDM46K Music Distribution System Keypad for a local audio source. Any audio source (iPod, X-box, CD player, etc.) can be connected to the local audio input wall plate to play through that keypad's speakers.

A Model DS3B2 Intercom Door Speaker with Bell Button is used to communicate with visitors at the front door. When a visitor presses the door speaker's bell button, each keypad's audio is muted and a chime sounds to announce the visitor. The resident can talk and listen to the visitor from any speaker zone keypad.

The system can be expanded to up to eight speaker zones using the Model XDM46EH Music Distribution System Expansion Hub and additional XDM46K speaker zone keypads.

For a complete music distribution system with speakers, the Model XDM4600KITWG Music Distribution System Kit is available. This kit adds four pairs of 100 watt Model WG100C  WG Series Ceiling Speakers to the kit above.


  • Four XDM46K Keypads and one DS3BS Door Speaker included
  • XDM46CC Central Controller and XDM46R Remote Control included
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
  • .2% maximum total harmonic distortion
  • 95 db minimum signal-to-noise ratio
  • Central controller powered from 120 VAC
  • Class D digital amplifier in each speaker zone keypad with 60 watts output power
  • IR receiver built into each keypad, IR repeater in controller
  • Four speaker zones expandable to eight speaker zones
  • Keypad intercom privacy feature
  • Keypads mount in standard double-gang J-boxes
  • Retail Price - $2,999.95
  • Save - $450.00
  • Your Cost - $2,545.95
  • Mfr. Warranty - 2 years

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